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Extending our reach

Renata Bruzova, ARISE Social Program Manager | Malawi | 15 May 2017

Extending our reach

There’s no doubt in my mind that one of the reasons ARISE is so successful is because of the way it embraces the opportunity to work with other initiatives – it enables our efforts to extend beyond ARISE communities and schools. One good example of this is our collaboration with JTI’s Teacher Support Program (TSP), which provides training and resources to help improve schools and the quality of education. The TSP has been running for three years and has already created significant impact in ARISE communities. In fact, it’s been so successful, that later this year we will be officially integrating it into ARISE.

One of the TSP initiatives is to provide training for project proposal writing and donor mapping. In May last year this training was provided to Malawian education officials and community members. Following the course, the Lilongwe Rural East Education Management Office and the Ministry of Education worked together and submitted a proposal of $350,000 for UK Aid (DFID). The proposal was successful and the finance will support two schools, one of which is in an ARISE community. It will provide for the construction of three teachers’ houses, which are important for attracting teachers and reducing student-teacher ratios. It will also provide for two classroom blocks, and pit latrines for teachers and pupils. The project will be overseen by the school’s School Management Committee (SMC) and Parent Teacher Associations (PTA), which encourages community ownership of the school. In addition to the proposal being successful, the Lilongwe Rural East Education officers who took part in the training, are now sharing their learnings with other education officials in Malawi’s Central East Education Division. We expect to see more positive outcomes for more schools beyond ARISE targeted communities soon.

ARISE é uma iniciativa conjunta da Organização Internacional do Trabalho (OIT), JTI e Winrock International. Foi desenvolvida com o envolvimento de governos federais, parceiros sociais e comunidades produtoras de tabaco.